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Michael Hemmington in The Review of Contemporary Fiction describes the character Hogg as a “rape artist.” Maybe that is another way to think of the controversial figure of the annotator.After the year we just had, you probably thought nothing could surprise you going into 2017.

Both The Wild Boys and Hogg come out of a boom period in the explicitness, openness, and production quality of all pornography.There was more to the report—like that Trump may have been compromised by Russian intelligence, that FBI Director James Comey may have known about the allegations when he flagged Hillary Clinton’s emails ahead of the election but chose to protect the GOP, that Russia may have been blackmailing Trump, plus plenty more. How should you feel about rumors that the President-elect is into them? What , a sexual act involving one party urinating on another for purposes of erotic gratification and/or humiliation.All disturbing (and unconfirmed), but it's hard to shake the fact that we're discussing golden showers with the soon-to-be leader of the free world. Synonyms include urolagnia, urophilia, piss-play, water sports, the yellow slip and slide, and gilding the lily. If it matters, though, Twitter certainly had a lot of opinions—enough that “golden showers” started trending globally: Maybe it'll help to think of it this way: While it's probably not great for Trump to be affiliated with a fetish right now, bragging about grabbing women by the pussy, saying you’ll build a wall between the U. and Mexico, suggesting gun violence toward your political opponent, and mocking disabled reporters are all almost certainly worse offenses. Neither of the above two are really piss-play canon but deserve an honorable mention.5.Is annotation about sharing and interacting with a text and author or controlling them?Delany’s annotations, like Hogg itself, can be read as having literary merit or as being merely an act of perversion and violence.

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